The Barossa Amateur radio club run a VHF repeater, VK5RBV on 146.825 (output) with a -600KHz split, this is one of the Yaesu DR-1X systems that supports C4FM and standard Analouge FM.  The repeater runs a 91.5Hz subtone on transmit when in Analouge mode, this allows non digital users to filter out the sound of a C4FM transmissions.


The club recently (late 2016) acquired a second DR-1X and have put it on it’s UHF repeater frequency: 439.800 (minus 5 MHz split) like the VHF version it transmits a 91.5Hz sub tone when analogue is running so those not wishing to hear the C4FM digital can enable sub tone decoding on their receiver and never have to hear the digital side of things.

Yaesu DR-1X Repeater

One thought on “Repeaters

  1. Peter Brennan

    Hello VK5BRC, I would like to see if we could add a DMR UHF repeater to your Area for connection into the VK-DMR Network

    Could someone from the Club contact me please as it would be a Donation to the Club of an Motorola DR-3000 UHF (70cm) Repeater.

    Peter Brennan
    VK-DMR Co-Ordinator

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